Travel Counsellor Online Program
Volume 4
Issue 7 - July 2019
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This Award was established in memory of Gerald Heifetz.
Gerald helped travel agents, business people and countless struggling immigrants through his law practice.

He was instrumental in the foundation of the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA)
and Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors (CITC).
He established many of the laws that currently govern the Canadian travel and airline industry.

The recipient will be an individual or organization who in the most recent year has had a significant and positive impact on the role, status and sustainability of the Canadian Travel Industry.
Barrie has been a passionate supporter of education in the travel industry since being introduced to an endorsed Travel Counsellor program 12 years ago.
Barrie’s introduction was as part of his Career # 6 – that of webmaster.

In 2007, Barrie was hired as a consultant to move a correspondence distance format Travel Counsellor program to an online format. Yes, that was in 2007!

Barrie created course web pages, online resource material and online testing.
In 2007, Barrie was looking for e-books before the major publishers even knew what an e-book was!

Over the next few years Barrie supported the program and by using his experience from Career # 5, College Professor, Barrie added academic rigour and empathetic student support to the program.

By 2013, Barrie was a true subject matter expert and was handling the majority of student contact.
And so, Barrie had morphed into Career #7, online Travel Counsellor Instructor!

In 2013, the pressure of attracting enrollments to the Travel Counsellor program, online or in-class, was evident.

Barrie suggested a vision to revamp the online program, include Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) certification and Certified Travel Counsellor (CTC) preparation in the program and to promote the online program nationally.

As well as investing in the program, Barrie invested in himself becoming a CTC and completing the TICO certification.

Barrie has built the program supporting an average online student population of 25, with students mainly in Canada, but he has also supported students in China, Greece and Singapore.

In this way by developing the online course to be more thorough and training future travel counsellors, Barrie has “had a significant and positive impact on the role, status and sustainability of the Canadian Travel Industry”.

Algonquin Travel School is so proud of Barrie and honoured to have him support this important program.
Travel MarketPlace East - Toronto
Wednesday 12th June and Thursday 13th June 2019
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We are proud to announce that Algonquin Travel School was selected to receive the Gerald Heifetz Award.
Barrie Morgan accepted the award on behalf of the school,
at the above conference.
This testimonial was submitted by Des Soye, President of Algonquin Travel School, to the award's judging panel.
Barrie Morgan receives the award from Air Canada, and Wendy Paradis, President of ACTA. 
The Gerald Heifetz Award
The five award winners:
  • Leisure Travel Agent
  • Corporate Travel Agent
  • Tomorrow's Leader
  • Ches Chard Award
  • Gerald Heifetz Trailblazer Award
Six students of Algonquin Travel School attended the two-day event.
  • Michelle Istanbul (Aurora) - Graduated
  • Ginette Lachance (Sudbury)
  • Jacques Labelle (Cornwall)
  • Deborah Buchanan (Ottawa) - Graduated
  • Carla Giacci (Toronto) - Graduated
  • Barrie Morgan (Scarborough) - Instructor
  • Adam Zimpel (Ottawa) - Graduated
We are delighted to say that Deborah and Carla both passed the Certified Travel Counsellor (CTC) Examination, which was proctored at the Conference.
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The event was sold out, with 420 delegates and over 100 exhibitors.
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